How To Remove a Broken Garden Fork Handle

The garden forks are the best tool for gardening which will be used for multiple gardening takes. But in some time the gardening fork break or its handle due to various reasons and in some cases, it’s difficult to remove the fork from the handle.

So, in this blog, we will learn about how to remove a broken garden fork handle in step by step method and we will provide information on the reason for breaking the garden fork handle and how to prevent the garden fork from breaking.

Also, normally the garden fork head is made of high-quality metal which is hard to damage so if the fork is broken then it is the best choice to replace the handle rather than get a new one.

how to remove a broken garden fork handle
how to remove a broken garden fork handle

Tools and materials needed to remove a broken garden fork handle

Before removing the broken handle you should have these tools to remove it without any issues. If you don’t have any of the tools with you then you can check the recommended best tools given below to fix the broken fork handle safely

Safety Gears

Safety gear is important while working with tools and equipment to keep yourself safe. So, you should consider having these safety gears while removing the broken garden fork handle.

You can read the National Safety Council Gardening and Landscaping safety tips to better understand the safety guidelines and precautions.

  • GlovesBest Gloves for safety woodwork
  • Safety GlassesBest Safety Glass while working


You need a screwdriver to remove the screw used to attach the fork handle with the forkhead so you need a screwdriver and its size will depend upon the size of the screw or bolt used in the fork handle.

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Now the Drilling machine is optional because in most the case the handle of the fork can be removed by removing the screw of it but in some cases, the wooden handle may stuck in the forkhead which is hard to remove so, in this case, you can drill into the handle of the fork to lose it.

  • Best Multipurpose Drilling Machine


A hammer can be used to tap on the handle or the forkhead to loosen the handle from the forkhead. But be careful while using a hammer because applying more pressure while tapping may break the handle or fork head.

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Pliers or Vice Grips

If in case the handle is too tight and does not come out then you can use pliers or vice grips so you can make a hard grip on the handle so you can take it out.

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  • The best Vice Grips from Amazon

Replacement Handle

Now after removing the handle from the forkhead now, you need a new handle to replace the previous handle. Now we have listed the best handle of the garden fork which you can consider buying.

  • Best wooden handle for the garden fork

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how to remove a broken garden fork handle

Here is the step-by-step guide to removing the broken garden fork handle.

Step 1: Assess the damage

  • First, you need to examine the damage to your broken garden fork handle to replace it
  • Also, check the other part of the garden fork which also needs to be replaced

Step 2: Remove the remaining handle

  • Now you can apply some oil or lubricant on the screw or the part which have rust on it
  • After the lubrication use the screwdriver or pliers to remove the screw from the handle
  • Now the handle is too tight then you can use a hammer or a driller machine to lose it
  • After losing the handle from the forkhead now you can remove the handle

Step 3: Clean the fork head

  • Remove the dirt or any debris from the forkhead by the compressed air or brush
  • Make sure all the dirt cleaned from the forkhead

Step 4: Prepare the new handle

  • Select a perfect handle for your forkhead which will fit perfectly on it
  • Also, make sure to sand the end of the handle to smooth it

Step 5: Attach the new handle

  • Apply the epoxy adhesive to the forkhead and end of the handle
  • Now insert the new handle inside the fork head and make sure it fits in properly
  • Wait for the adhesive to stick properly with the handle and fork head

Step 6: Test the replacement

  • Finally, check the handle is properly inserted in and comfortable to work with it
  • Now your garden fork handle is replaced and good to do more garden activities with it

Why the garden fork handle break?

Here are some common reasons that may cause to break the garden fork handle

  • Old age
  • Wear and tear
  • Improper use of the garden fork
  • Low-quality materials
  • Improper maintenance

Tips to prevent the garden fork handle from breaking?

  • Storing the garden fork in a dry to prevent the fork from rusting
  • Do not use the fork in an improper way or apply more pressure on it while working
  • Regular maintenance of the fork especially checking its screw or fasteners
  • Always try to buy a garden fork from the best company with high-quality product

Also, we have provided the top 5 best garden forks that you can consider buying which got good customer reviews and ratings.

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Readers Disclaimer

All the information given here about replacing the garden fork handle is for educational purposes only. So we recommend the readers to use their own judgment and seek professional advice when necessary.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

Can I repair and broken garden fork handle instead of replacing it?

Yes, you can repair the broken garden fork handle if it does not affect much and is fixed easily. But the repaired handle will not provide as much safety and durability as a new handle gives. So recommend replacing the broken handle with a new one.

How often should I inspect my garden tools for potential issues?

We recommend checking your every garden tool before and after using it for gardening activities to detect any issues in it.

How do you fix a garden fork handle?

You can fix the garden fork handle with the help of a screw and the epoxy adhesive to attach it properly to the head of the garden fork.

How to remove a wooden handle?

You can remove a wooden handle by losing its screws which attach the wooden handle to the head of the tool.


We hope that all the information on fixing a broken fork handle is helped you to repair your garden’s broken handle with a new one. But if you still have any doubts or queries please let us know in the comment below.

Also, we recommend you properly take care f your garden tools so they can work properly for a longer period of time.

Thank You

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