Sugar Snap Peas Trellis: Its Height, Size, and Maintenance

Growing garden crops that grow in wines needs more attention and maintenance to get the best results. Sugar Snap Peas is one of the best crops to grow in the garden. But as their wines grow up to 6 feet tall they need support where they can support themself.

So, here in this blog, we will explore more on the Sugar snap peas trellis its height, size, and how a trellis can help to improve the health and growth of the pea plant.

Sugar Snap Peas Trellis
Sugar Snap Peas Trellis

Do sugar snap peas need trellis?

Now if you don’t know about the trellis and why do they important to grow sugar snap peas, so let’s know do sugar snap peas need a trellis or not.

One of the primary purposes of using a trellis for growing sugar snap peas is to provide support for the climbing wines. Providing support for the climbing wines will prevent the plant vines from randomly spreading around the ground.

Also, there are several benefits of using a trellis to grow sugar snap peas which will know in the benefits section.

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Benefits of trellis to grow sugar snap peas trellis

  • Provides a supporting physical structure for sugar snap pea vines to climb on.
  • Prevent the climbing peas from growing around the ground.
  • Trellis helps to grow the climbing peas vertically which saves more space around it.
  • Vertical growth will provide more air circulation for the plant.
  • Fewer chances of any fungal diseases due to less contact of plant parts to the ground.
sugar snap peas trellis height
sugar snap peas trellis height

How tall trellis for sugar snap peas

When it comes to choosing the perfect height of the trellis for the sugar snap peas, it depends upon the maximum growing height of the plants.

So, the sugar snap pea plant commonly grows up to a height of 4 to 6 feet so it is recommended to have a trellis of at least height of 4 feet. In case the sugar snap pea plant grows more than 6 feet also you can adjust the extra grown wines in between the trellis.

What kind of trellis need for sugar snap peas

After choosing the perfect height of the trellis now it’s important to choose the types of trellis to grow the sugar snap peas. Commonly most gardeners prefer an A-type structure trellis to grow the pea plants that have different things which help the plant to climb on them.

You can use a wire mesh trellis which is supported by a sturdy frame. Both of these trellis types help to provide proper support for the sugar plant pea vines to climb on.

One of the simplest trellis you can make is by using a string that is connected to the plant and a strong structure above the ground level on the pea plants.

So, choose the appropriate Trelli types based on your requirement or build a Trelli by yourself with the things which you have.

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When to trellis sugar snap peas

Sugar snap pea plants need a trellis to grow but you don’t need to put the trellis before the seed is planted. So, it is recommended to install the trellis for sugar snap peas after the plant grows up to 5-10 inches tall.

After the sugar snap pea plant grew tall up to 5-10 inches then you can guide the direction where the vines can climb onto the trellis.

However, you can install the trellis before the seeding process also. But it is recommended to install the trellis after the plants grew for a certain height.

Check out this easy-to-install trellis best for sugar snap peas

Factors to consider while choosing Trellis

  • The trellis should be a minimum of 4 feet tall
  • Choose the trellis made with strong material like metal
  • The trellis should be lightweight, so it can be easily lifted
  • Choose the trellis with easy assemble and removal
  • The trellis should be sturdy and strong

These are some of the factors to consider while choosing a trellis for your sugar snap peas or any other plant.

Suger Snap Trellis Maintenance

Following these maintenance tips will keep your sugar snap pea trellis (applicable for every trellis) in good condition for a longer period of time.

  • Regular Inspection: Regularly inspect the trellis for any damage, rust, or loose screws. If seen fix it as soon as possible.
  • Cleaning: Remove the unwanted debris, and dirt from the structure, this will keep your trellis resistant to building up pests and diseases.
  • Extra Support: After the plants or vines start to grow on the trellis make sure to check if the trellis is able to handle the weight of the plants. If any wobble or weak part is noticed in the structure give it support or fix it so the trellis can stay strong without collapsing.
  • Pest Control: A trellis with plants will attract many pests on them like caterpillars, spiders, aphids, etc. These pests can damage both plants and trellis so use appropriate pest control methods to keep away these unwanted guests.
  • Weather Protection: Most of the time, trellis are exposed outdoors where they face different weather conditions. So, make your trellis weatherproof by applying a weather-resistant sealant or paint which can prevent the trellis from deterioration or rust.

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What is the best trellis for sugar snap peas?

A wire mesh or a string-supported structure trellis is recommended for the sugar snap peas.

Should I trellis sugar snap peas?

Yes, growing sugar snap peas on a trellis will keep the plant above the ground which allows the plant to get good air circulation, is easy to harvest, and more resistant to diseases.

How tall to make a sugar snap trellis?

It is recommended to make a 6-8 feet tall trellis for sugar snap peas.

What is the best thing for sugar snap peas to climb on?

String or wire mesh are the best things for the sugar snap peas to climb on.


Using a trellis to grow the sugar snap peas is recommended to grow the pea plants healthier. The trellis will help the sugar snap pea vines to climb on so they can grow in one direction. This above-ground growth will keep the plant away from many plant diseases and make the harvest easy for the gardener. make the best trellis for your peas and keep them in good condition for the best result in growing pea plants.

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