How To Store a Wheelbarrow – Tips and Tricks for Easy Storage

A wheelbarrow is one of the useful garden equipment that helps to move materials around your garden such as dirt, garden equipment, etc. Despite its uses, it is essential to store the wheelbarrow properly in the proper area to keep it in good condition.

So, here in this blog, we will know How To Store a Wheelbarrow and different methods of storing a wheelbarrow both indoors and outdoors.

how to store a wheelbarrow
how to store a wheelbarrow

Why Proper Wheelbarrow Storage Matters

Before knowing how to store a wheelbarrow, know why it is important to store the wheelbarrow properly. Storing the wheelbarrow in a proper way in the proper area is an important maintenance factor that improves the lifespan and functionality of the wheelbarrow.

If the wheelbarrow is not stored properly it can damage, rust, or even theft if it’s not in a safe place.

How to Store a Wheelbarrow in a Garage

If you have a garage then it will be a perfect area to store the wheelbarrow properly and safely.

wheelbarrow storage garage

Step 1: Clean and Prepare

Before storing the wheelbarrow in the garage make sure to clean the wheelbarrow by washing it to remove any debris or soil that may be on them. Then wait till the wheelbarrow is completely dried to store it.

Step 2: Positioning

Storing the wheelbarrow in a proper area can save more area in the garage. Place the wheelbarrow in a corner or against a wall to minimize the place occupied by the wheelbarrow to store.

Otherwise, you can hang the wheelbarrow on the wall by using a wheelbarrow hanger to save floor space. If you have a wheelbarrow with a stand then make sure the stand is locked so it cannot move from its place.

Step 3: Cover or Protect

After choosing a suitable area to store your wheelbarrow now on the next step it is recommended to shield your wheelbarrow with a protective cover or shield to protect it from dust, moisture, and potential damage.

If you leave in an area with more humidity then the protective cover is essential to prevent the wheelbarrow from rusting.

Top 3 Protective Cover For Indoors

1. Pyle Armor Shield Waterproof Marine Grade Canvas, Weather Resistant with Dust Protection Cover ($26.99)
2. STARTWO Heavy Duty Waterproof Cover, UV Protection All Season/Weather Protection ($35.99)
3. SHHOKR Heavy Duty 420D Polyester Oxford, Waterproof, UV Resistant Cover ($28.99)

How to Store a Wheelbarrow Outside

Now if you don’t have a garage so you want to store your wheelbarrow outside then you have to take extra safety precautions to keep the wheelbarrow in good condition compared to storing it in the garage.

wheelbarrow storage outdoor

Step 1: Choose the Right Location

When it comes to storing the wheelbarrow outside the biggest task is to protect it from the different weather conditions. So choose a spot which is less affected by the direct sunlight and rain.

It is best to choose a spot with a shed, covered patio, or under a tarp that can save the wheelbarrow from different climate conditions.

Step 2: Safe Surface

After choosing the right spot for the wheelbarrow now it is important to make a surface from brick, wooden pallets, etc where you can place the wheelbarrow on top.

From the new surface, the wheelbarrow will not be in direct contact with the ground which will prevent the wheelbarrow from rusting from the damp soil.

Step 3: Use a weatherproof cover

Finally, the most important thing is to cover the wheelbarrow with a good quality weatherproof cover that will protect the wheelbarrow from different weather conditions such as sunlight, rain, and snow.

Top 3 Best Weatherproof Cover for Wheelbarrow

1. Indeed BUY Heavy Duty 420D Polyester Oxford, Durable, UV, Water Resistant Covers ($22.97)
2. Szblnsm Heavy Duty 420D Polyester Oxford, Covers Against Water, UV, Dust, Dirt, Wind for Outdoor ($27.99)
3. Indeed BUY Waterproof Cover,Small 420D Heavy Duty Cover againts Snow Rain or Sun ($21.99)

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Storing Wheelbarrow using Wheelbarrow Hanger

A simple and easy technique to store the wheelbarrow is to use a wheelbarrow hanger which can be used both indoors (garage) or outdoors.

The Wheelbarrow hanger consists of a hook or straps that hold the wheelbarrow securely in place. And this hanger can be easily installed on a wall.

So, let’s know the step-by-step process to store the wheelbarrow on a wheelbarrow hanger.

Step 1: Installing the Hanger

Choose the sturdy wall where you want to install the hanger and install the wheelbarrow hanger based on the manufactures instructions.

Step 2: Position the Wheelbarrow

After installing the hanger now place the wheelbarrow onto the hanger hooks or straps securely so it won’t fall.

Step 3: Secure it

After placing the wheelbarrow on the hanger if you notice that it’s not properly secure on the hanger then you can use extra straps to make it securely hold on to the hanger.

Top 3 Best Wheelbarrow Hanger

1. Lehigh WBH-6 Wheelbarrow Holder ($18.38)
2. IRONDIY Heavy-Duty Wheelbarrow Hanger for Garage ($16.99)
3. Huthbrother Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow Hanger Hook with Top Lift Latch ($17.99)

Innovative Wheelbarrow Storage Ideas

If you have less space to store the wheelbarrow and looking for any different storage ideas then you can consider these three ideas.

Vertical Storage

This is the same storage process as the hanger but here we use different things which easily available in any person’s tool storage like hooks, and mount brackets.

wheelbarrow storage Ceiling Hoist

Ceiling Hoist

In case you have a high-ceiling garage then you can use a ceiling hoist system to store the wheelbarrow overhead hanging to the ceiling.

Make sure to securely attach the wheelbarrow to the ceiling hoist so it cannot fall from it. Also, it saves more surface area in the garage.

Wheelbarrow Rack

Like the wheelbarrow hanger, the wheelbarrow rack also helps in a similar way to store the wheelbarrow both indoors and outdoors.

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Wheelbarrow Storage Maintenance

Now if you don’t use the wheelbarrow regularly and most of the time it is just in the storage area then make sure to follow these maintenance tips to keep its functionality for a longer period of time.

  • Check the wheelbarrow at least once a month for any damages.
  • Make sure the protection cover is covered on every part of the wheelbarrow.
  • If any damage is noticed on the protective cover or the hanger fix it as soon as possible.


What is the best way to store a wheelbarrow?

The best and simple way of storing the wheelbarrow is by using a wheelbarrow hanger, with the help of a hanger you can hand the wheelbarrow on it both indoors and outdoors.

How do you store a wheelbarrow outside?

You can use a wheelbarrow hanger to store the wheelbarrow outside vertically on the wall or you can make a wood or brick surface and then place the wheelbarrow on it with a weatherproof cover on top of it.

How do you hang a wheelbarrow on the garage wall?

You can use a wheelbarrow hanger or a wheelbarrow rack to hang it on the garage wall or any other wall.

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Storing the wheelbarrow in a safe place with proper technique is also a maintenance factor that increases the lifespan of the wheelbarrow. So, make sure to choose the right storage technique and use effective equipment to keep it secure in the storage spot.

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