Best Small Garden Windmill for your Yard 2023

If you’re looking to add charm and whimsy to your garden with some decorative. Then the Small Garden Windmill will be a good choice for it. Also, this garden windmill is not just a structure it has its own benefits also.

So, let’s know more about the best small garden windmill its benefits, types, and how to choose the perfect small garden windmill for your garden with installing guide in step by step process.

What is a Small Graden Windmill?

A Small Garden Windmill is a mimic of the big windmill which is used in the old days but now most people like to install a small garden windmill in their garden as a decorative structure. Also, the small garden windmill has the same function as a big windmill like rotating blades and a tall tower.

Of this windmill replica feature nowadays most people like to get a garden windmill for their garden to give a whimsical touch to outdoor spaces.

Types of Small Garden Windmills

Right now there are two types of small garden windmills that you can buy for your garden.

Traditional Wooden Garden Windmill

The traditional wooden windmills are replica of the same old original wooden windmill but its smaller in size. This type of wooden windmill is made of high-quality wood. Due to its wooden and having the same functions as a real windmill, this will look real as the original one.

Metal Garden windmills

The metal windmill is the modern design of the windmill which works the same as the wooden windmill. But the metal windmill does not give the original feel of a wooden windmill. The small Metal Windmill is made of durable metal such as aluminum or steel.

Also, metal garden windmills are durable and have longer life periods as compared to wooden windmills, and metal windmills have different designs, decorative cutouts, or colorful finishes, adding a modern touch to your garden.

Best Small Garden Windmill For Your Garden

Here is the best decorative garden windmill which you can buy for your garden.

Westcharm Wooden Dutch Small Graden Windmill

Material: Wood

Height: 34 Inch(2.8 FT) Tall

Weight: 8 Lbs(3.6 kg)

Rating: 4.4/5

Crownland Ornamental Windmill Backyard

Material: Metal

Height: 96 Inch(8 FT) Tall

Weight: 22 Lbs(9.9 kg)

Rating: 4.1/5

JUM368 Alpine Garden Stake Wind Spinner

Material: Metal

Height: 24 Inch(2 FT) Tall

Weight: 1.21 Lbs(0.54 kg)

Rating: 4.0/5

Alpine Corporation JUM264 Garden Kinetic Windmill

Material: Metal

Height: 101 Inch(8.4 FT) Tall

Weight: 10.66 Lbs(4.83 kg)

Rating: 3.5/5

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Choosing the Right Small Garden Windmill

You should consider these 2 points that can help you to get the perfect small garden windmill for your garden.

Considering the available space

Before buying a small garden windmill for your garden you should consider checking the space available for the windmill. Make sure that there will be enough place in your garden for a windmill to rotate freely without any disturbance.

Also, check if there are any trees, plants, or structures which could interfere with the windmill movement around your garden.

Selecting the appropriate size and design

Even the Small Garden Windmill could be a big windmill for you depending upon the size of your garden so selecting the perfect size for your garden is important. So make sure to select the perfect size and designed windmill for your garden.

How To Install a Small Garden Windmill

Here is the step-by-step process to install the small garden windmill in your garden.

Preparing the foundation

After choosing the perfect area to install the windmill in your garden now you need to prepare the foundation for it. Make sure that the ground is level and firm for stable installation of the windmill. Dig the hole according to your windmill size and pour the concrete foundation to anchor it securely.

Also, you can follow the instruction given by the windmill company which you bought otherwise you can follow the above steps.

Assembling and securing the windmill

After preparing the foundation now assemble the windmill as per the company’s instruction. Make sure that all the components of your windmill are attached properly and the alignment of the blade should be perfect for smooth rotation.

Finally, check if the windmill is wobbling or unstable before finalizing the installation.

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Maintaining Your Small Garden Windmill

Regular cleaning and maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance can keep your small garden windmill in excellent condition. Remove the dirt, leaves, debris, or anything which stuck to the blade or tower of the windmill. Inspect the moving part of the windmill and lubricant them as per the company instructions.

If you take care of all of these points and regularly inspect them then your windmill will have a longer life period.

Addressing common issues

The common issues which can be seen in the small garden windmill are rusting, loose components, wobbling, or squeaky operation. Inspect regularly for these issues if there are any issues, Apply the rust-resistant coating, tighten the loosened bolts and screws, and lubricant the rotating parts if necessary.

Best Tools & Equipment to Maintain the Small Garden Windmill

  • Rust Resistant Coating: Best Ruse Resistant Coating for garden windmill
  • Lubrication for Rotating Parts: Best Lubrication for any rotating parts
  • Screwdriver & Spanners: Best Screwdriver & Spanner kit for house use
  • Soft Bristle Brush: Best Soft Bristle Brush to clean blade & Tower

These are the essential tools that can help you to keep your small garden windmill in excellent condition.

Enhancing Your Garden with Small Garden Windmills

Placement and landscaping ideas

The strategic and well-planned placement of a small garden windmill in your garden can maximize the visual impact. Installing the garden windmill near the pond, flower beds, or shrubs can increase the look of the windmill which gives it a natural look.

Other than this you can create a separate area with different size windmills with multiple plants which can enhance the beauty of the garden with windmills.

Combining windmills with other garden features

You can also add other components around the windmill to increase its visuals and presence. You can add pathways, benches, or trellises around the windmill that can increase the beauty of the windmill and its presence.

Also, for more effects, you can add lights on the windmill to illuminate the windmill in the evening and at night.

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Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

What size windmill will be best for a small garden?

4 to 8 FT windmills will be best for small gardens.

What is a small garden windmill used for?

A garden windmill does not have any function to benefit the garden its just used as a decorative structure.


A Small Graen Windmill can give your garden a classic look with this structure and enhance the charm of the garden. Now you can install wooden or metal windmills whichever suits you but installing a garden windmill will increase the beauty of the garden.

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